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Providers that maintain Client listings for the Coordinated Entry Prioritization List can make use of this worksheet to ensure that all clients are prioritized correctly. This worksheet provides users with a simplified process to enter and manage client listings in a de-identified list for consolidating with HMIS exports.

- Please remember that all client data, de-identified or not, should never be shared outside of intended audiences and should be shared in a secure and safe manner.

- Clients should also have a Release Of Information on file with your agency before any information is shared on any level.

ZIP FILE PACKET- Be sure to extract the files to a safe location on your computer. Please note the file names. Version 1.1 will not match with HMIS reports - it is included for archive usage only.


- Please note the file is now updated to version 1.2*. This adjusts our columns to match the new reports from ICA. The link above is updated to the current version. 

(* patched to 1.2.1 to correct an issue in column ordering)

- TO MIGRATE DATA ENTRY ITEMS: please download the Data conversion tool v1.1 to v1.2 below and follow the instructions. 

- Contact the Lead Agency via for resolution.

The training webinar was recorded, please view below:


**Please note that the training video may have a few items that reference the previous file. The process is the same, however the columns and items may be different.**

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