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FY 2021 NOFO Final Priority Listing  - Click to view Board-approved priority listing budget corrections 11-12-21
FY2021 NOFO Consolidated Application - Submitted version

NOFO Info-

FY2021 CoC policies
as of  9-10-2021 5:30pm - minor text revisions have been made for clarity. Please download the latest versions.
MO BoS Coc FY2021 Approved Timeline
Reallocation Policy
Policy on Ranking and Prioritization

Renewal Project Scorecard and Checklist
New Project Scorecard and Checklist

Appeal Form - Email to - (Appeal period closed)

Applicant workshops
FY 2021 applicant workshops were recorded. Please view the videos below for information on the Project Application process. 

Project Application FAQ's available here - Updated 10/8/2021

Missouri Balance of State Continuum of Care Program

The Continuum of Care (CoC) Program provides housing assistance and services to help people move out of homelessness. CoC funds may be used for activities described in the Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) CoC Interim Rule. For more information about the CoC Program and eligible housing types, please visit HUD's CoC Program webpage at

Project Applicant Workshop Followup 

Archival Documents: 

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2020 Competition

2019 Competition

2018 Competition Documents

2018 Renewal Project Data Report Instructions

2017 CoC Debrief

FY 2020 - NO COMPETITION - all projects funded by renewal only

FY 2019 Continuum of Care Program Competition

Mo BoS CoC project applications are due August 30, 2019.

Important Dates 

July 31 – Project Application Training in Columbia, MO (Encouraged New & Renewal Projects)

August 30 – Project applications and attachments due, both in E-SNAPS and through the certification and attachment form

August 30 to September 6 – Collaborative Applicant reviews and confirms E-SNAPS information with applicants

September 9 & 10 – Rank & Review (project applicants must make a staff person available for questions during this time period)

September 13 – Final Project Listing posted to website and notifications sent to applicants

September 18 – Deadline to submit grievance

September 26 – Final Submission of CoC Consolidated Application

Competition Documents

Training Slides

FY 2018 Competition Documents

Funding Awards

Collaborative Application

CoC Adopted Policies

FY 2018 Agency Documents

FY 2018 Training Slides

HUD Information

FY 2018 Renewal Project Data Report Instructions

2018 Missouri Rank & Review Report:

Select performance measures in Section 2 of the 2018 Renewal Prioritization Scoring Matrix will come from the 2018 Missouri Rank & Review Report in ServicePoint. Each project must submit a copy of this report to the to the Rank & Review Committee for scoring. Instructions on running this report can be found here: Contact the ICA Missouri HelpDesk with any questions.


Data Quality Report Card (EE) (v2):

The Data Quality Report Card (EE) (v2) will be used as a tie breaker in the event that one or more projects receive the same score. Agencies are required to submit a PDF copy of the Provider Report Card tab for each project going through the Rank & Review renewal process. Instructions on running and interpreting the report are available at


In addition, ICA has created a short video training on this report, which is available at The password is ServicePoint. For the Enter Start Date prompt enter 10/01/2016 and enter 10/01/2017 for the Enter End Date PLUS 1 Day prompt. Contact the ICA Missouri HelpDesk with any questions.

Other information from ICA:


Contact the ICA helpdesk at for additional guidance or information.

FY 2017 CoC Debriefing

2018 Competition
2019 Comp.
2018 Renewal Instructions
2020 details
2017 Debriefing
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